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At STL Water Heater Pros we pride ourselves on offering high quality services for all water heater demands. We offer fast response times, so that your pipe leak or lack of hot showers don’t go on forever. With our consistent level of service, you can rest assured that each installation will be done quickly and effectively, that each repair will keep things well maintained for the long haul, and that when it is time for a replacement, we can get your new set up done the right way.

Integrity matters

At STL Water Heater Pros we won’t offer a quick fix and then send you on your way. We will advise you on affordable, but worthwhile replacements or repairs that give you long term benefits. We strive to build long term business relationships with each client, and a big part of that is offering reliable, quality service.

Over the years we’ve watched as changes to the water heater industry have provided new regulations and products for energy efficiency, and offered uniform codes for St. Louis plumbers, and more. With that, we’ve integrated these changes, top of the line products, and the latest technology to continually offer the best products and services to our customers.

We work hard to provide reliable services so when our technicians conduct a tankless water heater installation for your home or business, you can look forward to years of the perfect water temperature. When our technicians stop by for regular water heater maintenance we keep things running smoothly and if something goes wrong, our professionals make quick water heater repairs that get you up and running again.

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What makes STL Water Heater Pros different?

Competitive prices

Prompt, friendly service

Quality products

STL Water Heater Pros stands behind each product we use and each service we provide. Our experts are reliable, dependable, and get the job done within your time frame and budget.

1. If you need repairs for a broken water heater in your home, we will schedule an appointment immediately, so that your life goes on uninterrupted.

2. If your business isn’t living up to its reputation because of a damaged water heater, we will bring pride back to St. Louis by installing a new system as quickly as possible or repairing your water heater outside of regular business hours if you prefer.

As a local company, we understand the topography of St. Louis, the weather, and the local area. We bring that local knowledge to each customer by providing reliable, expert advice during the consultation process, and following up with equally reliable, expert services.

Unsure what service you need, or what is wrong? Want to compare products? Have a generic question? We are here to help. We can walk you through what water heater repairs you might need now, the long term water heater maintenance we recommend, and provide realistic estimates when it is time for a new water heater installation.

Whether you need regular maintenance or have an emergency, reach out to STL Water Heater Pros today at 314-748-0939.