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Tankless Water Heater Installation

Water heaters serve as an integral part of your home or commercial buildings. Today many consumers are turning to tankless water heaters because of the multiple benefits they provide. Single point units can be installed near your water source while whole house units can provide hot water to your house all at once. No matter which you choose, our team at STL Water Heater Pros offers fast tankless water heater installation.

Whole house or single point tankless water heater?

When you are deciding which tankless water heater you want our professionals to install you can choose between a single point and a whole house system. Single point heaters attached directly to an output in your home like an appliance, a shower, or a faucet. Each unit cost an average of $150 just for the materials and you would need one for every bathroom, dishwasher, Etc. Whole house heaters, as the name suggests, have multiple offshoots so they can provide hot water to your entire house all in once. The cost for these hovers around an average of $1,000 for the materials but it covers the entirety of your home.

Talk with our professionals today to go over which system is a better fit for your home. We can even help you decide whether an electric tankless water heater installation is best, a solar tankless water heater installation, natural gas, propane, or oil.

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What size tankless water heater do I need installed?

There are many different sizes for tankless water heaters but because they are tankless they don't physically hold gallons of water like traditional water heaters. Instead you have to make your purchasing decision based on the flow rate which refers to the amount of hot water that unit can provide at any one time. Most calculations you read about will refer to this as gallons per minute.

Not sure how to calculate the flow rate that will suit your house based on how many people live there or how many people are in your office? Not a problem. Our professionals can go over whether you have gas or electric, one person, three people, or five or more people in your unit, and what your average amount of water usage is.

What is the average cost for tankless water heater installation?

The answer is contingent upon the design of the tankless system you choose.

The average cost for installation for a whole house unit is around $2,800 nationwide but a smaller 240v electric tankless heater runs a national average of just $1,000. If you have a tankless system installed with solar water and an 80 gallon capacity for your commercial building it can be a few thousand dollars more. It is best to reach out to one of our professionals for an evaluation to get a better idea of what the true cost will be given your area and the type of tankless water heater installation you need.

To learn more about tankless water heater installation, and what it might involve for you and your property, reach out to our team at STL Water Heater Pros today at 314-748-0939.