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Water Heater Installation

Your water heater is an integral unit in your home or commercial space, responsible for regulating the water temperature in your home. If it stops working properly, it can interfere with maintaining a clean environment in your home and proved not only uncomfortable but inconvenient when it comes to meeting basic needs.

Worse, still, having a broken water heater can damage your home or building, even damage the surrounding area. It can be dangerous to try and handle a water heater installation or repairs without the required experience and safety measures. That is why our team is here to help you with regular maintenance and installation when the time comes.

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At STL Water Heater Pros, we offer water heater installation services for:

Gas water heaters

Electric water heaters

Residential water heaters

Commercial water heaters

And more

Our team at STL Water Heater Pros specializes in a range of water heaters, including installation, repairs, and maintenance. We bring years of experience to our St. Louis customers installing residential and commercial water heaters.

We appreciate that fast service and competitive prices are two factors customers cannot afford to sacrifice. That is why we specialize in fast, one day installation for most water heater installs, at prices you can afford. We can guide you toward quality water heater products that offer reliable lifespans.

Most water heaters work well for an average of 10 years. But once they fail, they fail hard, leaking and giving you nothing but cold water. Sometimes you might luck out and have a minor issue like a pilot light going on or a simple malfunction. In these cases, our team might be able to offer a water heater repair instead of an entire replacement.

But when your heater is no longer heating, and it has lived out its life span, we can help you by installing gas water heaters, electric, or even tankless water heaters for your home. We can also install commercial water heaters for your rental property, office space, or other commercial needs.

If you are constructing a new home or commercial space, you can evaluate the latest water heaters for optimum energy efficiency, space saving, and lifespan. Once you decide, we can help you with your commercial water heater installation too, working within the timeline and schedule of your construction crew and of course, abiding by local codes.

When we complete a water heater installation, you can expect our team to abide by St. Louis city regulations. This includes replacing any required parts like gas shut off valves or water flex lines. We will then ensure everything is safely installed as per state and local codes. If you opt for a water heater with a re-circulation pump, our team will stick around to re-install your existing pump (or replace it with a new one), and make sure everything works properly.

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