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Water Heater Repair

At STL Water Heater Pros we understand that fast water heater repair and prices you can afford go hand in hand. When something goes wrong you need professional help quickly. With years of experience specializing in residential water heater repair, commercial water heater repair, and even tankless water heaters, our team can diagnose and repair any issue.

Not sure what’s wrong? We can take a look, just schedule an appointment.

Not sure if the cost of repairs is covered? We can help there too, checking on any warranty from your manufacturer.

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Common Water Heater Repairs

At STL Water Heater Pros, we’ve seen it all, but there are common water heater repair problems you will likely face at some point or another:

Gas pilot light repair

Repair on your electric element

Gas control valve repairs

Pilot assembly repairs

Temperature pressure relief value repairs

Gas flex line replacements

Hot or cold flex line repairs

Tankless water heater repair services

Commercial water heater repairs

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For common problems, we have most water heater parts on hand which means, if you find a leak, hear a loud noise, or have no hot water, our technicians can show up, evaluate the problem, and fix it immediately. On occasion water heaters might require a specific part for the make and model of your unit in which case we can order parts directly from the manufacturer and still complete the repair in a timely fashion.

When Repairs Don't Cut It

Our team might arrive on site and diagnose your water heater only to find that a minor repair is not going to cut it. Although most water heater problems can be repaired, there can be situations when it's simply time for a replacement. If your existing tank is over 10 years old and it is leaking, repairing the leak won't help you, but at STL Water Heater Pros, we can.

If a repair is insufficient we can help you improve your water heater efficiency, save energy, water, and money, and get higher temperatures with a lower temperature setting all by replacing your water heater.

If you are having problems with your water heater, call us today to speak with one of our experts and schedule an appointment for water heater repair services or replacements.

Do you need to contact your manufacturer? We can help you find the warranty phone number for all top water heater manufacturers in the St. Louis area. All we need from you is your model number and the serial number. If you don't know where they are, give us a call and we can help guide you to their location so that you can get warranty information quickly.

If you need water heater repairs, don’t wait. Time is against you. But we are not. Contact STL Water Heater Pros today at 314-748-0939 to schedule your appointment or speak with one of our experts.